Something different


For me when I get dressed one of the goal that I want to achieve is that I don’t want to look typical but let me tell you this, it’s hard! Doesn’t look typical could lead to making me look a bit crazy, because then I will choose clothing that have weird style, crazy pattern or odd colour and when I take it to the fitting room I go like “Um… Yeah.. No. This is just too extreme”. And then eventually go back to my old boring selection of clothes.


But not today, today as I get a chance to put my hands on of Fedora Thamrin Basic Ready-To-Wear Collection I’ll use this chance to pick the most un-typical piece of clothing that they have. One of them is this beautiful ruffled and patterned pants.


At first, like I always do, I’m not so sure but then it starts to grow on me. It is so loud and makes a statement so that I don’t have to put too much effort on my other part of outfit, yay! I just pair it with my favourite pair of nude heels and white shirt and voila.

The pants for me is just the right length because it let your ankle shows, because if it’s any longer I think it will make you look short. Oh the top is from Fedora Thamrin Basic too by the way and it is a really good white shirt, good quality, is not too sheer that your bra peeping through and it has this really cute sleeve detail.


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