Recycle, reuse, (hopefully not) reduce

I have a dream.. That in a perfect world we can have all of the clothes we ever wanted, no limitation of what we could have in our closet, every brand is in our reach without having to worry about money….
Butt it’s just a dream, well at least for me at the moment. As much as I hope it’s the other say around, in reality we have to carefully make decision on what clothing that will goes into our closet. Mainly because of the budget issue, another issue is space. Nevertheless you don’t have to feel desperate if you’re not the wealthy daughter of a middle east prince

Nina Garcia (the Marie Claire Creative Director and Project Runway Judge) stated in her book that mostly the most stylish women she ever met is not the richest. Maybe because the circumstances made them having to be creative on building their closet. One of the way to stay stylish without breaking the bank is to reuse your clothes and keep mix matching them with other pieces on your closet. That way you can create a different look and ambience, like what I did on this post!

This is why I think watch is still a really important fashion item (even though people have their smart phone to show the time) because they’re amazingly functional and stylish at the same time

I know black and white can be a boring look, that’s why you’ll need this eye catching clutch to balance it out. Of course the more classy option will do too, but it’s a love at first sight for me with this unicorn clutch and from the beginning I can see how this clutch can actually goes with a lot of outfit <3



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