“Real life” escape


Hi all, how’ve you guys been? I hope you guys have a really great week. 🙂

Lately I’m really into Of Monsters and Men song, while browsing about them and their song meaning I stumble upon this great article about.. well, life. I don’t remember the site address but I screenshot it on my phone, so I’ll quote:

On the Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis’s character Uncle Screwtape mentions that human are more likely to view pain and suffering as what they call “real life”. He explains that when a woman gives birth, people think the blood and pain and delivery process are what’s “real”, but the joy and love felt afterward are only temporary and fleeting things.

In addition, you’ve probably noticed that when your parents talked about going into the “real world” they talked about the bills and costs and hard work you were going to have to do; you were going to get “good dose of real life.” No one calls the accomplishments, successes, and strong love “real life.”

It’s almost like we believe happiness and joy don’t exist or aren’t the point of living

This article left so many question and created a bit of a war in my head. So what should we do then? Should we just accept this bitter truth and ride with it? Or maybe we can rebel to this paradigm and just be happy everyday be it when you’re dealing with hard work and pressure or when you’re achieving something. But then again like there’s no light without darkness, will we devalue those happiness and achievement if we celebrate it everyday? So confusing.I don’t know guys,what do you think? (There’s no comment box, I know. Still trying to figure it out, maybe you can drop a comment on my Instagram instead.)

Today’s outfit post is a throwback to something I wore on my short escape to Singapore a few weeks ago, if referring to the writing above then it’s what I wear when I’m not in “real life” :p

I think this could be your inspiration for your casual-yet-well-thought look.