Jess Glynne Rudimental <3


So I haven’t been able to post any outfit post lately (3 months! C’mon pull yourself together Feni!) Ughh.. I know I know, infrequent posting is considered suicide for blogger :’( So nooow instead of outfit post how about I share about my highlight of last week! I went to a music concert at Rod Laver Arena, it’s Rudimental with Jess Glynne as opening. It was…… AWESOME!

Like really, I originally bought the ticket because I wanna see Jess Glynne. Jess Glynne has been on my favorite female singer list for a while now and I’m really excited being able to see her perform life and she didn’t disappoint me of course. Performing for about 40 minutes, she sang her hits flawlessly. Rocking the stage with the blazer set (her go to style lately I guess), giving a energetic and lovable performance.

I gotta say I dig this style of hers and I will not be surprised if she become a muse for big fashion label like Florence Welch (for Karl Lagerfeld once and most recent is Gucci!)

Quick intermezzo: all of my favorite female singer seems to be a redhead, Hayley William, Florence Welch, and now Jess Glynne!

After a great opening by Jess Glynne, then it’s Rudimental’s turn. Oh boy was I surprised by how good it was! I honestly didn’t think that Drum and Bass music will be enjoyable as a music concert and planning to just leave if I’m not interested (keep in mind that what originally makes me buy the ticket is Jess Glynne) but dang I’m so happy that I didn’t leave. Rudimental performance was so entertaining. The music, the way they interact with the audience, the set, wow the whole night was just awesome everybody’s dancing and having a great time. The audience was screaming for encore in the end of the show and they smashed it!

Oh well I can go on and on about how I loved it but you know what, I’ll just let you see on your own. Here’s a short video I made of the concert, hopefully it will give you a glimpse of what I’m talking about haha!