Independence Day-ish


17th August 1945 is our national independence day. So first things first, Happy 70th birthday Indonesia! Please accept this week-late-wishes, my beloved country!

hbd indo

It’s super late I knoowww, it’s a bad habit I have to crack. When I was in high school, once I even celebrate my birthday one month late because lack of planning lol.

But truth be told people around me said that they no longer feel the excitement or festivity of Independence Day, and that happen to me too. Personally for me the reason is maybe because I am in an environment that doesn’t really give much festivity ambience, compare with let’s say when I’m still in school. Also I didn’t watch that much television now so I’m not bombarded with the Independence Day special program and commercial.

I’m honestly planning to not going to care and will just let the day pass by. Fortunately, I changed my mind! Because I thought if I keep doing this, if I keep let stuff pass by just like that then nothing at all will have meaning.. right?

So here it is my attempt on celebrating the Indepencende Day, by combining it with the stuff I love (clothes!). My OOTD Merah Putih, yay!

For this outfit I’m trying to balance the volume of the skirt with a tight top. (Tips: use a mini dress/ dress tucked in the skirt because it will be easier to stay in place than a usual top)



Check out this outfit detail!