i’m gonna be me


Today’s post combining two elements that my subconscious mind always lean towards to every time I’m getting dressed, that is black and white and boyish stuff. I don’t exactly know why but when I shop I always drawn to anything black or white that’s on the rack. Even when I’ve told myself to stop buying stuff in those color and choose a more colorful stuff, the clothes that’s in my laundry (which means the clothes that I use the most daily) it’s all black and white! Goshhh..

I never underestimate the power of high heels and feminine dressing but honestly for me sometimes they are so troublesome (rempong abiisss) therefore I almost never be able to resist the charm of boyish look. The non-heels shoes that you can walk in for the rest of the day, the loose fit, the everlasting pieces, ughhh… They are so easy to pull off and most important thing is that I think I look good in it. So you know what, I’m gonna embrace it. After all femininity is not determined by what you wear but is embodied in how you undergo life, right?

When it comes to dressing up you need to alter the outfit to meet your body needs , it doesn’t mean you have to bring it to the tailor but you can also do a simple altering, like tuck it in a bit here and there, fold it up, open a button, and etc. Like the pants I wear here for example, the original length look hideous paired with this top so I fold it and I like it much better that way.

Ugh.. look how dirty my shoes is, I am planning to bring it to Tidy Brush. Tidy Brush is this really cool shoe cleaning service, I’ve used their service several times now and they never fail me! Check out their instagram @tidy_brush ,major love <3