Green is the warmest color



As you know Indonesia is a tropical country, we don’t experience the four season. Therefore fall/winter fashion is so not applicable here. And that is too bad for me because I love long sleeved clothes. So since my hometown is unbelievably chilly lately, I take this chance to pull out my favourite sweater that’s usually I only use when I’m going abroad.

The difference of using it here in Indonesia and when facing winter in other country is that I’m able to pair it with a skirt, yay! But the thing that I like the most in this pairing is the color.  Green and light brown are the color that just go together I love how they complement each other.

As for the accessories the bracelet from Empress Box brand and Ralph Lauren gold chain clutch has something in common, they are both very versatile. I use this two item over and over again because they just go with everything!