Girly girl?



I did this shoot quite a while ago, but I really like this outfit so I decided to blog this ♥ Captured by the talented Silas Immanuel, click here to check out his Instagram account, yay! Okay back to the outfit. The crop top and the draped skirt is both from Zara. The crop top is decent, you can get it from any brand but the skirt I really like this one I got from Zara they fit perfectly and the material is so soft and light. The downside is it’s so thin you have to make sure you wear a seamless panties, lol.

As for the accessories I wear assorted bracelet, and the shoes is unique because it has Ikat pattern. I have a chance of going to New York last year for apprenticeship, and I observe Ikat pattern is really big out there. They use it for clothing, and for furniture fabric and many more. So proud! Here’s more photos of the outfit, do you notice that all of the pose is the same? :p