Flower Child


Yay my first themed outfit photoshoot! So satisfied of how this one turns out. This photoshoot is a boho chic inspired one. Remove the flower crown, this outfit is actually totally wearable for going out too. Let me tell you those maxi flowy skirt is so so so comfortable, another plus is you can wear flats/non-heels shoes underneath.

The key to Boho Chic look is earthy neutral color, ethnic accessories and shoes, also laid back vibe. I especially love the characteristic of the accessories, you may think that it is over the top but it’s really cool and unique! You have to try it on yourself, I guess, and see how the accessories completes the look. Another Boho Chic characteristic is lace or embellishment and flowy clothes, you know clothes that you can picture yourself wearing under the sunset while the wind blowing your hair.

I know flawless look make up is so on trend right now, and I can totally see why but if you start to get bored with it maybe you could try this tanned freckled make up look (yes I draw a fake freckles on my face, do you think I did a good job?)

Okay enough blabbering and moving on with the rest of the picture!

Any thoughts? Drop your comment below please xoxo


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