Casual Outing


Two piece set has been on my wish list since a pretty long time, so yay for finding this one. Admit it t-shirt and shorts is actually you Surabaya girls favorite outfit for casual going out, amirite? But it’s not the most fashionable outfit though. So you see this two piece is the perfect dress up version of t-shirt and shorts. Inside of the skirt looking bottom is a short so you don’t have to worry about showing your panties.

The only downside of this outfit is that it shows my belly button, I’m okay with mid-riff but for me belly button is just too much.

An outfit that comes in set also can be a great answer for you lazy dresser, good bye all the hassle of trial and (mostly) error of mix and match that leaves you to a feeling of not-wanting-to-go-out-because-I-have-nothing-to-wear.

But as easy as it is I guess some is still a bit reluctant to wear a matching set especially the patterned one because they’re afraid to look ridiculous, well hey you’ll never know until you try right. Maybe go with plain one or a subtle pattern for starters.


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