Big hair, yes please!


Before and after! What do you guys think?


Oh my, first ever tutorial! I have never done a tutorial before. Since it’s my first time, I would love to hear any feedback so if you have any please don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂 Okay! So this is a tutorial of tips that could help you give volume to your hair, especially if you have a thin and really fine hair (layu + kempes) like mine. And for me another frustrating problem is because I have an oily scalp so I can’t even describe how annoying it is that I already spend this amount of time to wash my hair, drying it, styling it just to find out that it’s ruined just right after I leave the house. *sob* But lately I started to rinse my hair with a diluted tea (found the tips on the internet) after I wash it and it seems to help with the oily scalp problem, I’ll let you know how it turns out after a week of doing it.

Okay back to the tutorial, below is the slideshow of my regular hairstyling routine just click on the first picture. I know that maybe a lot of you guys have already seen this kind of tutorial, but for a slight chance that maybe some of you haven’t I think I’m gonna post it anyway. Happy experimenting!


So there it is. Turns out making tutorial is a lot of work, salute to people out there that consistently making it! I hope I’ll be able to make another one in the future with another theme that hopefully be informative for you guys