Batik on Batik


If you ask the Indonesian locals of what is the example of Indonesia culture heritage that pops into their mind, 95% they will answer BATIK! (Imaginary data by author, 2015, about ten minutes ago). But seriously though we Indonesian are so proud of our Batik and for a good reason too, the process is so intricate and the final product is so beautiful that UNESCO included it in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Usually Batik is used for a rather formal occasion such as wedding party, formal party, uniform, etc. But in this post I’d like to try using it in a more casual approach. Casual look is obtained by the relaxed fit, loose hairstyles, and open toe sandals.




Closer look of the outfit! I chose the necklace because I think it complement the whole ethnic look, if i’m not mistaken the shape of this necklace resembles a traditional Indonesian necklace although I can’t really remember which Indonesian region that has necklace like this as part of their traditional outfit.


What do you think, did I succeed in creating a casual Batik look or Batik should just stay in its formal category?

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