About: Zandra Rhodes


Zandra Rhode born September 19, 1940 is a 75 year old woman with an unmistakable pink bob hair and blue eye shadow. Other than her appearance, her mark in fashion industry is unmistakable as well.

Rejection of the traditional British manufacturer at that time makes her the pioneer of using printed textile as part of the garments. She then continue to established her own retail outlet in the Fulham Road in West London. But her big break start when Diana Vreeland featured her garments in American Vogue (they remain good friend)

Once labeled as the Princess of Punk with the striking design of slashed and ripped fabric and beaded safety pins she was one of the British designers who put London on the map of international fashion scene.

Bold, dynamic, colorful, and feminine Zandra Rhode’s design has captivate many clients. A number of the most memorable clients for her are Freddie Mercury, Dianna Ross and Princess Diana. Other high profile clients along her long journey in fashion industry are Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Bianca Jagger, Paris Hilton, etc. Dressing up royalties then being a royalty Zandra has been made a Dame in the Queen’s Honours list.

Zandra dress is considered a highly valued pieces, collected and worn by celebrity and designers such as Helen Mirren, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, and Tom Ford.

Being incredibly creative, her outlet is diversified into sets and costumes for opera, numerous license for many product, and maybe the most notable one is setting up Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

Her house is just as interesting as her, with splash of colour everywhere and many personalised decoration. The interesting part about it is how she is so involved in every bit of her resident and everything seems to have meaning and purpose.

Proclaiming herself as a workaholic, she didn’t intend to retire soon. She is as productive as she have always been, sketching everyday and capturing moments that inspire her along her travel journey.


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